What Are Street Artists?

Street artists have been a cultural phenomenon for a long time. In many big cities in Europe and America, such as Paris, London, Rome, New York, Barcelona and so on, buskers have become a part of the urban landscape. They are not only able to show their artistic talents and earn the corresponding remuneration, but also providing another way for citizens to enjoy artistic performances.

Street artists are people who perform their special skills for the public in public places, including some musicians, painters and performance artists. It’s usually to please passers-by and get donations. There are many kinds of performances, such as singing, playing musical instruments, painting, juggling and so on. Perhaps some people think this is a performance of busking, but there is a little difference between them. Their main purpose is to show their own talent. As for the donation of money, it’s in the secondary; In contrast, busking usually mentioned in ancient times even modern times refers people make for a living on this. Therefore, they are different from each other. Street artists perform in many big cities around the world. Their performance is also known as street art.

We are also such kind of people.  We are street singers. The passion and love for music drive us to take up with this career. All of us own a routine job as well. We usually sing in the street after daily work, enjoying the song and the admiration of passers-by.

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