Simple Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Portable Basketball Hoop


Do you want to be a good basketball player? As you know, basketball is a high skill game that takes lots and lots of practice. In fact, many of the great players will tell you they took hundreds of shot every single day growing up. Find the best portable basketball hoop at

This can be pretty tough to do if there isn’t a basketball court near you. And even then, you might find it’s in use by others when you’re ready to go through your workout session. But not many people want to drill into the house to put a basketball hoop above the garage. Or permanently cement one into the ground next to the driveway.

But have no fear, all is not lost! Your basketball dreams can still come true. With today’s technology, there are a number of portable basketball hoops available for you. A good portable basketball hoop can allow you to use it whenever you want and then store it in the garage if you need it out of the way.

A good portable basketball hope makes it easy for you to practice on your schedule. In fact, with a portable hoop, you may find that you practice even more than you thought you would. Ready for the school bus a little early? Take a few shots! Waiting for dinner? Go take a few shots!

silverback nxt portable basketball hoop reviewA Silverback basketball hoop at your house allows you to get in some practice whenever you can. Just grab the ball and head out the front door.

Of course, not all portable basketball hoops are created equal. There’s a wide range in both quality and price. There are also differences in dimensions and design.

For example, the width of the backboard in the NBA is six feet or 72 inches. For most portable basketball hoops the range is 50 inches wide to 60 inches wide.

The material that makes up the backboard can also vary. The most common backboards are either acrylic, tempered glass, or polycarbonate.

Another aspect that can be vastly different is the size of the base, in gallons. This can greatly affect the stability and safety of the portable hoop. For example, the Lifetime 1529 Courtside Base Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System has a 27 gallons base. Due to this smaller base size, it’s not recommended that you dunk on this hoop. It’s probably also best not to leave it out in a high wind environment.

Most portable basketball hoops have a base of 30 to 50 gallons. A wider base that can hold more gallons usually makes for a more stable hoop system.

In terms of the backboards, a polycarbonate backboard is very durable and unlikely to break if the portable hoop falls over. However, it is not as stable and doesn’t compare to other backboard materials on higher-priced portable hoops. Higher priced systems usually use tempered glass but acrylic is also a step up from the polycarbonate backboard.

Always be sure and take a look at the height adjustment system. Most portable basketball hoops allow for a height adjustment, usually from eight to ten feet, although some can go lower. If you have children of different ages that play on baskets with different heights this will matter to you.

While many people will buy their portable basketball hoops online, it’s always a great idea to take a few shots on the hoop you are looking to buy. You’ll get a great feel as to how realistic the hoop is in terms of how it handles your shots.

One issue with many portable hoops is the bounce on the rim from the ball. If the hoop system is not well constructed, the rim will give a lot more and this will cause unrealistic bounces from your shots.

When shopping for a portable basketball hoop for dunking, keep in mind the material used for the backboard, as well as the backboard width.

Be sure and not the width of the base and how many gallons it holds. Most, except for your higher-end models, use a 3 poles system. But some are much better than others when it comes to stability and height adjustment.

Be sure and try adjusting the height of the system before purchasing. Also, make a note of the angle of the pole system. Does it go straight down or is it angled? An angled system may help prevent some injuries as it’s not as easy for a player to run into it.

Keep these simple tips in mind when going shopping for your new portable basketball hoop and you’ll find something that fits your needs.