Choosing A Ceiling Fan For Your Space?


A ceiling fan is a good investment to have in your space because it ensures that you have fresh air and that the place does not get too hot. It is important, especially when the AC starts acting up, as it can serve as a supplement. This is why it is advisable to invest in a long-lasting ceiling fan that is suitable for your space. Here are the factors to consider when choosing a ceiling fan. They will ensure you get one that is fit for you.

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1. Airflow


Airflow is measured in (CFM)cubic feet per minute. That means how efficient the ceiling fan is in ensuring that the room has proper aeration. It should have enough to make the room feel cool when you are inside, even with some company. Most manufacturers have the CFM written on the side of the box when you are purchasing it. Additionally, if you are purchasing it from a store, then you can ask the attendants to help you pick one that is efficient.


2. Room Size Vs Fan Size


The size of the room matters because if a fan is too small and the room is large, the airflow will not be enough to provide sufficient fresh air. You could decide to get a design that has smaller blades if you feel that a large fan is making the room look undesirable. Go for a type that has smaller blades as this means that a room can accommodate two or three. The number will depend on how much ceiling space is available. The appropriate height for a ceiling fan is around seven feet from the floor to the bottom of the fan.


Keep in mind that a ceiling fan with longer blades may be advantageous in certain designs, such as high ceilings. It will have enough space to rotate without the blades hitting something. If you aim to prevent the inconveniences of light items flying around whenever the fan is on, choose a smaller ceiling fan.


3. Ceiling Design


It is also important to consider the design of your ceiling. If you have a sloped ceiling the fa should have sufficient downrod to ensure that the blades do not hit something. You can do some research and find out the ceiling fan designs that are made for unique ceilings. The installation will need to be done by a professional that knows the angles well to prevent damage to the house or the fan.

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4. Finishing


Various manufacturers have come up with additional advantages to the ceiling fan. Some of these include fans with ambient illumination. That means that the fan can also act as a light, so you do not have to buy both. There are also fans with differently designed blades that add to the decor. Make sure you also look for a fan that is mostly silent to prevent the discomfort of a fan that’s too loud. Keep in mind that the designs fro outdoor ceiling fans and indoor ones also differ.… Read more

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